Foster Care is HOPE

Foster Care is HOPE

About This Campaign

Did you know 200 children a month are in need of a home?

We are in a time like never before. So much has changed. We are all coping with uncertainty. Fragile family situations are falling apart. When the family home becomes unsafe, children are removed. The need is greater than ever for loving foster homes. Children deserve to be safe and cared for!

Do you wonder what you can do to help give these children a chance to just be kids, to get a good start, and have a solid foundation of love and support for their future?

Donate today to provide a safe and caring home to a foster child!

Your gift to Pathway matters! You will support and encourage loving foster parents as they are trained and licensed, and most importantly, as they accept children into their homes. You will give abused, neglected and abandoned children a home.

Thank you!
Pathway Caring for Children

Campaign to Support Pathway Caring for Children

Founded in 1973, Pathway Caring for Children is a private, non-profit social services agency. Our mission is to empower children and families to realize their potential and achieve the possibilities of their lives through innovative mental health, foster care, and adoption services.


Recently, during the shelter in place COVID-19 order, a Pathway Foster Home - the Jordans - welcomed 4 siblings under the age of 3 into their loving home.

3 year old Luke, the "big brother", was left to care for his 18 month old sister Hallie, and twin 3 month old siblings, Chloe and Quinn. When the children were found alone, big brother Luke (only 3!) proudly proclaimed "I been changin' diapers." Mom had left them. Unattended. She was gone long enough that all 3 in diapers had bottoms that were bleeding from urine burns. And the 3 month old twins had learned NOT to cry because the neglect in their short lives had taught them no one would answer - when these innocent babies woke on their first morning in foster care they did not cry out for a bottle. They simply lay in their cribs, sucking their fingers. In silence.

Mom may have been overcome from staying confined alone with four little ones. She may have had postpartum depression. Or perhaps she was addicted and couldn't hold out any longer. Maybe it was all of those things. But she left 4 helpless children to fend for themselves.

And the Jordans, a Pathway Foster Family, without hesitation said they would step in to give these helpless children the loving care and attention they deserve. Your gift supports the Jordan family as they work with Pathway to make sure these children are safe and loved.