"Home Is Where the Heart Is" Online Auction

"Home Is Where the Heart Is" Online Auction

About This Campaign

LIVE UPDATE- We've gone virtual! Home is where the HEART & AUCTION is!

Thank YOU for rallying around Pathway children and families, a time that they need YOU more than ever. Pathway is an essential service. Our clients need YOU and the services we provide. 

We invite everyone on this journey to create, guide, and discover paths of healing and purpose to empower over 1,000 children and families. 

Take a look at our Auction Program as we say thank you to all our generous supporters!

Your generosity will create, guide, and discover paths of healing and purpose to empower over 1,000 Pathway children and families. You will lead the way as children and teens follow the paths of life to experience worth and value.

We are asking for your support to help us first fund our essential services and, when the COVID-19 aftermath is settled, we hope to use the funds for several fun, innovative, and caring programs and activities that set Pathway apart from other organizations and offer hope to Pathway children. Some examples include:

• A fun-filled excursion to the Columbus Zoo. Just imagine the wonder in their eyes as they come face to face with a lion for the first time!
• Encourage and support foster parents who make daily sacrifices to turn abuse, neglect and abandonment into love, stability and hope for the children living in their homes.
• Summer fun activities and therapeutic groups to keep Pathway children and teens busy! Visiting the Butterfly Garden, Painting Pottery, going to SkyZone, Swimming and more!
• Pathway’s TRUST Adventure Therapy Camp set for this July! Campers and staff alike leave the week with unforgettable memories and shared experiences!
• Summer camp opportunities for younger foster children. These offer an opportunity for children to meet friends, build self-confidence, overcome fears and learn skills that will transfer into their everyday lives.

We thank you for joining us on this journey to change lives.

Location / Venue

  • Time:
  • Apr 01, 2020 08:00 am to
  • Apr 18, 2020 08:00 pm ET

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